Half Valet

Full pre-rinse/snow foam

Safe hand wash

Spray wax/sealant applied

Wheels & arches cleaned

Interior vacuumed

Interior trims, Door-shuts & Glass cleaned 

Tyres dressed

 From £60*

* Larger vehicles , heavily soiled vehicles and severe pet hair may incur an extra charge *

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Full Valet

Full pre-rinse/snow foam

Safe Hand Wash

Wheels, Tyres & Arches Cleaned

Tyres and Bumpers Dressed

Tar Spot Removal and Full Hand Wax/Polish

Thorough Interior Vacuum

Deep Clean all interior trim & plastics 

Leather Cleaned

Fabric seats and carpet mats foam cleaned

Glass and mirrors Polished Inside & Out

door-shuts Cleaned and dressed

  From £95*

'Showroom' Premium Valet

This valet includes all the features of the standard full valet as well as all the optional extras with a few added steps for the best possible finish.

Shampoo fabric seats, carpets & roof lining

Protective conditioner applied to leather seats

1 Coat of Autoglym HD WAX or Sealant

New look, matt or gloss dressings applied to interior trim (optional)

Engine Bay Cleaned and dressed

Glass repellent applied

From £150*